At Elona Capital, our investment approach aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in the importance of generating a positive impact on society and future generations. Therefore, we actively contribute to achieving SDGs, which are the foundation guiding our investment strategy and shaping our decisions.

Elona Capital adheres to four SDGs as part of our investment policy. These objectives are as follows:


Elona contributes to increasing the share of renewable energy and to the access to energy services.


Elona contributes to agricultural employment, specifically in the beekeeping sector, promoting local employment and addressing inequalities, as gender and alsothose affecting youth and people with disabilities.


Elona is committed to mitigating climate change, reducing CO₂ emissions, and addressing global warming.


We take measures to prevent deforestation and ecosystem destruction through reforestation and the installation of beehives in order to prevent bee extinction.

In our transition to renewable energy, we prioritize a comprehensive integration of environmental, economic, and governance criteria in all our projects. This approach enables us to generate tangible socio-economic benefits, promote greater biodiversity, and make significant strides towards corporate sustainability.

Our photovoltaic plants are not only sources of clean energy but also shelters for a wide variety of species. We recognize their crucial role in maintaining and promoting biodiversity, a fundamental aspect for a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

The installation of beehives not only allows for the production of high-quality honey at photovoltaic plants but also promotes the development of the vegetative cycles of nearby plants. Many of these plants rely on insect pollination to bear fruit or produce seeds.

At Elona Capital, whenever environmentally viable, beehives will be installed at photovoltaic plants, in addition to carrying out reforestation programs with aromatic plants and trees. Agricultural employment will also be supported to combat inequalities in rural areas and counteract job losses in the beekeeping sector.

Elona’s goal is to create biodiversity reserves in addition to generating clean energy.

Positive Impacts

  • Increase in plant biodiversity
  • Optimization of rural land use
  • Contribution to pollinator preservation
  • Encouragement of local economy


Commitment to renewable energies

At Elona Capital, we are committed to transitioning towards a sustainable, carbon-free future. Our photovoltaic plants are a tangible demonstration of our commitment to renewable energies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Preservation of the natural habitat

Our company strives to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. In addition to installing beehives and carrying out reforestation programs, we implement measures to preserve and restore local natural habitats, protecting biodiversity and fostering harmonious coexistence between nature and human infrastructure.


Energy efficiency

We are committed to maximizing energy efficiency in all our operations. From the design and construction of our photovoltaic plants to the daily management of energy, we constantly seek ways to minimize resource consumption and maximize energy performance, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of the carbon footprint.



We adhere to practices of responsible and sustainable management and promote a culture of regulatory and ethical compliance throughout the organization. Our goal is to generate long-term value for our shareholders and contribute positively to the socioeconomic development of the communities where we operate.